The following are samples (video and screen-grabs) from certain projects I worked on over the years. 

Medical Professionals
A portion of this cute and stylised advertisement I worked on for Zactoons in WA

Medical Professionals from CY Ng on Vimeo.

Math Seeds
Waldo, Mango and Dizzy learn about shapes! I worked on this long-running series of educational videos for Blake Publishing aimed at pre-schoolers-primary schoolers.

Math Seeds from CY Ng on Vimeo.

Zoo Hospital
Published on DS first and eventually on the Wii, I worked on this game for the good people at Torus Games. You're a vet-in-training with your Aunt Lucy at a zoo, helping to take care and cure the animals - 'Oh no, the panda is not eating. Perhaps she's sick?".

Dog and Cat News

These out-takes were created for the Dog and Cat News Broadband Website at Blue Rocket Productions.
 (Douglas and Tiddles have more than the usual problems delivering the news)

(Beakins delivering an opinion piece on the Dog and Cat News) 

Time Cracks
Zippy 3 min history lessons with help from 58, Emily and Milo as they travel through time in a hot-dog van. From the ingenious creators at Blue Rocket Productions.
(Milo, Emily and 58 in front of their hot dog van)